all the cool kids are doing it, so I decided to try too. I've signed up as a fanartist on Fandom Aid! my thread is HERE! if you're interested. :'D

idk what i'm doing


by hook or by crook - [SPN/Hook fic]

author's note: oh no what am i doing

this is "Something Wicked" as if instead of a shtriga outside the window, Captain Hook came instead. D:

I went to Wincon and spent a lot of time making flappy hands about crossovers and how they give me feelings and then I mentioned this that I've had stewing for more than two years and people said "Hey you should just write that" and it took absolutely no convincing for me to say "YESS I WILL I'M GONNA WRITE THE THING".

here's the thing. (ps i know nothing about kids. do they speak people? have personalities? i forget.)

summary: 1991, Fort Douglas, Wisconsin. Something is snatching children from their beds, and the Winchesters are on the hunt. John doesn't come home one night, Dean is fed up with everything, and in the morning, Sam is gone.

The only lead is the old woman in an old house who told Dean a story about the most wonderful, magical land and the way through the stars, and Dean think he's found pixie dust on the window sill. Dean makes a promise to find Sammy before Dad gets back, and if that means strong arming the boy who never grows up into taking him along, then he will.

Second star on the right and straight on 'til morning is a terrible time for Dean to figure out that he hates flying.

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NaNoWriMo i want one

so, like, I know it's the 4th already, and I'm like 5k behind, but I really want to write a NaNo anyway. however, I'm having difficulty picking a topic! I have three ideas, and was wondering if I could get some help? :'D

plot #1: a girl looking for her father finds herself in an awkward situation when she witnesses the murder of the king's heir. taken under the protection of two ornery watchmen, she is required to make her way to the capital to present her evidence. they all have more to hide than they know. threesome overtones, epic adventure, hidden identities, violence, swords

plot #2: the house at the top of the hill has a new owner. three teens find her suspicious and creepy, especially when they start to hear about strange animals roaming the woods. one of the teens starts to fall for the older woman, another goes missing, and the last is left to figure out what is happening to her friends, with the help of a strange professor. lesbian sub-plot, age-difference, supernatural creatures, paranormal, probably horror undertones, teenagers dealing with things way beyond their maturity levels

plot #3: a young soldier, lost and wounded after a battle he doesn't remember, is rescued by a pair of mage siblings. to thank them he offers to act as their guard on their pilgrimage, only to learn they are enemies, and the elder magi are planning horrible things in retaliation for the war. the one thing he can't remember is the very thing that might save his life, and his people. warring planets, probably space, conflicting UST, epic journey, magic

which one, which one?

a girl, two bodyguards, a journey, some secrets
a haunted house, an older woman, noises in the dark, a mystery
a soldier, some siblings, mages, a warring planet, amnesia

also the tea is paranoid

batch post! all the fanart drawn during Wincon, from random bits of schmoop to requested rare!pairs, and also just a few gifts. :D

included in this package are: Sam/Dean (and a butt)(but not an additional butt, just one of two butts present), Carol!Captain Marvel pegging Captain America (like you do)(for Leen), Derek/Jackson (for lazy_daze, Sherlock/John and Watson/Holmes (for mistyzeo), Charles/Erik, and Jared/Jensen for wendy! :D

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also yesterday I got stranded at the airport and watched 7 episodes of Teen Wolf in a row because it was the only thing loaded on my computer. it's hard to marathon a show about werewolves, because it inevitably feels like a hell of a lot of full moons in like a week. O_o


So... Wincon just happened.


It was amazing. Welcome back to livejournal, I forgot how much I need you in my life. :DDDDD Probably this time I'll make more of an effort to not be Shyers McLurkerson and actually talk to all those damn fine people I met and admire and like, tell them when I love their stuff instead of stalking from afar and going "eeeeeee" in the confines of my own head.



Also drew shit tons of fanart(!) that I haven't drawn in months (and months more before SPNJ2BB) and will post when I leave this airport where I am stuck. :/

People there are so talented. It's a little overwhelming to spend so much time so very starstruck... aofasdfadvkjnadf;ovnaefgkjvnadfg.

ALSO, on the subject, because I can only imagine it was someone from Wincon, THANK YOU TO MY ANONYMOUS DONOR for my 2 months of paid account! <3! If you see this, I would love to gift you back with a drawing of some sort! (provided you haven't gifted and then done a runner, it could happen)(if it's you, misty, I'll make you a cookie)(maybe even more than one)

Anyway. off to familiarise myself with the intricate workings of lj fanfiction communities. And probably my friend's list. (dear god, have not looked at that in like a year)


oh hey what's up, i made a comic

HAY GURL HAY. guess where I haven't been in a few years. (bb doesn't count, because of course I'm coming back for that)

anyway. I'm back, because I'm making a comic (or trying to) based on my old M/M NaNoWriMo LowLives. \o/

here, I'm just gonna dump everything I have in this journal entry and then set about posting in a more organised manner after this, I suppose.

I really like this one :D

from LOWLIVES noodle draft, a first attempt at setting up a style (which I then decided not to use) and proceeded to abandon in favour of sketching random pages in a more awesome/intense/cool/fancy/actiony style. :D (sans dialogue)(and also sometimes backgrounds)(but i'll get better at those)

like this!

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also on tumblr HERE! :D

thank you for watching, we'll be back later. <3

ART: As Through a Glass and Darkly [spn-j2-bigbang]

Title: As Through a Glass and Darkly
Author: lexicale
Artist: crimson_adder
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Hinduism
Ramble Gamble: This story is awesome you guys. I picked it for the simple pleasure of getting to play with Hindu symbolism and Indian patterns and designs, and then, to my delight, it was also SUPER EXCELLENT. It's a total overhaul of the mythology and it's done awesomely, and Lexi was a ball to work with, because she'd be all "Hey, I'm still editing!" and I'd be like "WOOH, I drew a thing" and she'd be like "Yes (fix this)". :D (and it all worked out!) and then we got an extension, and it was my birthday. \o/

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ART: Windfall for the Non-Believer [spn-j2-bigbang]

Title: Windfall for the Non-Believer
Author: the ever-lovely glovered who put up with a lot of me, being awol. :D
Artist: crimson_adder
Pairing: Sam/Dean, some rating idk
Artist's Ramble: and again! I changed things up a bit 'cause of my pinch hit last week, and I didn't want the art to be too similar. pen and ink is one of my very favourite ways to illustrate, though it gets tougher when going into detail on faces. never the less, I had an absolute ball illustrating such a great story! :D read it, quick as you can (when it's posted) 'cause it's awfully good. <3
and now, on to the art!

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ART: How To Marry a Millionaire [spn-j2-bigbang]

Title: How to Marry a Millionaire (for spn_j2_bigbang)
Author: ebcdic
Fandom: CWRPS, Jared/Jensen
Artist: crimson_adder

Irrelevant Artist Ramble: okay! so I got assigned as a pinch-hitter to ebcdic waaaaay too late to properly appreciate the awesomeness that is this story, but it's really sweet, and ebcdic was just a DEAR to work with. :D
I ended up styling the images after the 30's-40's romantic movies that ebcdic referenced as well, combining a bit of a noir-feeling with my general oddities.

I haven't had much practise before this in drawing Jared/Jensen as opposed to Sam/Dean (and I swear to god, there's a difference)
Jared was a lot harder to draw, since in almost all the reference pictures I could find of him in his more recent years (no-more-baby-face) he looks... >_>
Jensen is the one with freckles, in case there's any confusion. :'D

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